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Linux Foundation release UEFI secure boot loader

by Rob Zwetsloot

The secure boot loader image that the Linux Foundation promised has finally been released, and overcomes the controversial locked boot loaders of Windows 8 machines

We reported a little while ago that the Linux Foundation would be getting their own boot loader image sorted for people wanting to install Linux distros onto newer systems. To do this, they were getting their own key from Microsoft, and then distributing the image for everyone to use. After some delays, the key has been acquired, and the PreLoader files are ready to go.

There was supposed to be a keytool, but that has been delayed further, as explained on the Foundation blog by James Bottomley:

“Originally this was going to be part of our signed release kit.  However, during testing Microsoft discovered that because of a bug in one of the UEFI platforms, it could be used to remove the platform key programmatically, which would rather subvert the UEFI security system. Until we can resolve this (we’ve now got the particular vendor in the loop), they declined to sign KeyTool.efi although you can, of course, authorize it by hash in the MOK variables if you want to run it.”

Get the efi files from the Linux Foundation site.

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    • David J Dunmore

      Secure boot is a good from both the educated user’s and a security Point of view. It would be much more acceptible if the key issuer were genuinely independent of any commercial influence.

    • Leonardo

      secure boot should not be forced on the user. It should be a choice in with the user can make. I would have no problem with it if it was like that. But to do what Microsoft does I think is just a mean movie from their part. Lucky we now have a way to install Linux on the new computers. And I will be doing so :) or get one from System76 if I ever can get the money for one :P