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LibreOffice 4.0 RC1 released

by Rob Zwetsloot

LibreOffice 4.0 is on the horizon, and the first release candidate is out. The candidate includes new features like importing ink annotations and an XOR function

LibreOffice has been steadily gaining steam with some major releases last year cementing it as the number one open source office suite. Looking ahead, the Document Foundation are working on version 4.0, the first LibreOffice to leave behind the 3.x numbering system inherited from RC1 of LibreOffice 4.0 has just been released, and contains a long list of new features.

Writer now allows you to create comments for text ranges, import ink annotations from DOCX or RTF documents, and import/export native RTF mathematical expressions. Calc now allows showing the values of formulas that were saved in the files, and the entire suite has better Unity integration as well. The extensive list can be found in the release notes.

While of course there’s no proper release date for LibreOffice 4.0 just yet, a release candidate is a step in the direction towards it. You can get the RC1 from the LibreOffice download page, however remember it’s best not to use it to replace the currently stable release of LibreOffice.

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    • I am very happy with LibreOffice’s pogress.
      The writer, calc, etc are good in their present stste. If the “Impress” improves and rises to as good as PowerPoint, then I would totally abandon MSOffice… especially, the smart art, etc which are available in MsOffice should be updated to Libre office too. Hope it happens soon.

    • AC

      Have they finally fixed the long-broken ‘sort lists’ function in calc?

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    • s. eugenio benavidez l.

      me alegro por los avances de libre office como una alternativa de apoyo y ayuda para las inmensas mayorias que carecemos de muchas limitaciones.
      estoy interezado en escribir unos manuales de musica, no se mucho de computadoras pero alli estoy aprendiendo cada dia