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Learn to program Python with our digital bookazine

Posted by Gavin Thomas

Read our Python masterclass for beginners and follow it up with ten projects in Understanding & Implementing Python volume one

Python is one of our favourite programming languages and we’ve covered it a lot over the years in Linux User & Developer. We’ve compiled ten of the best Python projects in the first edition of our digital Developer Manual, available now from our Newsstand app.

Understanding & Implementing Python
Understanding & Implementing Python

Don’t know much about Python? We start off with our Python masterclass that eases you in to Python before we start looking at ways to create an RSS reader, python-powered Twitter apps, XBMc add-ons and much more.

Grab it now from our iTunes app and get your head around Python today!

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    • JustMeLooking

      This sounds great and I would like to purchase this, but iTunes doesn’t make an app for android or Linux, so I am not sure how I am supposed to get it.

    • What’s the frigging point in a Linux magazine offering content on an ITunes app?? nearly 80% of the mobile world is Android so solely releasing something via ITunes is very silly indeed…