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Learn about 20 Amazing Raspberry Pi projects on our new digital Pi project bookazine

by Rob Zwetsloot

Missed a Raspberry Pi project-focused issue of the magazine? We’ve compiled the 20 best projects into one cheaper digital bookazine you can get today

Over the past couple of years we’ve been able to bring our readers an amazing array of Raspberry Pi projects that we are genuinely proud of. From big projects such as building your own robot and quadcopters down to the little stuff like making melodies with Sonic Pi or making Pong.

Get it on our iOS app now!
Get it on our iOS app now!

We’ve compiled 20 of these amazing projects into a one-off digital magazine, feature the aforementioned quadcopter and Pong along with tutorials on how to master the picamera Python module, how to program Minecraft Pi and how to create a motion-sensing controller for the Pi.

You can grab the new digital bookazine 20 Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects from iTunes now for a paltry £2.99 and get started on your next big Pi project

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    • Richard Lane

      not on google play books?

    • disqus_pNZKFCFJX8

      Selling it on iTunes? Oh, the irony…

    • lucas heringer

      A magazine about linux and it’s only selling on iTunes???? Why not on google books, or google magazine.

    • Bartosh S

      OSX is UNIX-based operating system