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Kernel 3.12 released

by Rob Zwetsloot

Linux Kernel 3.12 has been released, with performance increases across a number of hardware types, but has started talks of starting Linux Kernel 4.0

After a fair few release candidates, as is usual, the next version of the Linux Kernel is here. While not specifically adding any new amazing features, the kernel update has added better support for AMD Radeon drivers, AMD APUs and some Nvidia systems.

Surprisingly, Linus Torvalds is also now thinking about switching to Linux Kernel 4.0 – although his reasoning is not due to any fundamental changes to the Kernel. “We’re getting to release numbers where I have to take off my socks to count that high again.” explained Torvalds. “I’m ok with 3., but I don’t want us to get to the kinds of crazy numbers we had in the 2.x series”

The next merge window has also been delayed a weel due to Torvalds being “away”, so 3.13 will be coming a little later than usual.

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