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UPDATED: Win an eBook Reader worth £200 compo winner picked!

by Russell Barnes

To celebrate the re-launch of the Linux User & Developer community forum we’ve teamed up with to offer you the chance to win one of their latest eBook Readers, the PocketBook 360, worth more than £200. The competition is now closed – congratulations to Sérgio Campos.

Congratulations to Sérgio Campos, the winner of a eBook Reader worth more than £200! Sérgio will be receiving his PocketBook 360 in the post later this week.

The competition, designed to highlight the new Linux User & Developer community forum has been a great success. Thanks to all those that have taken part and thanks to to for offering such a  fantastic prize.

The PocketBook 360 is unlike other readers in that it’s been designed to be as compact and portable as possible. It comes with a hard-cover to protect its 5″ 800×600 resolution screen and boasts a battery capable of lasting for three weeks when used for three hours per day.

See you on the forum!

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    • John Twombly

      AN eBook. You should be ashamed of yourselves. A money-making operation that does not know or at least take the time to correct, bad grammar?

    • RussellBarnes

      We’re most ashamed. Thanks for pointing it out.

    • Stigweard

      Where are polls 3 and 4?


    • RussellBarnes

      The third poll is up today and the forth will be later this week.

      Thanks for taking part.

    • stasike

      I do not understand.
      You publish the fourth poll on July the 2nd and immediately after that you pick the winner?

      If I want to participate do I have to participate in all four polls?

      If the answer to both questions is yes, what about folks that won’t be able to be on-line on July the 2nd?
      I am traveling at the moment and sometimes there are a few days when I can’t have a look at the site.

    • RussellBarnes

      We are allowing an extra week since the last poll will be late online. Everyone’s got a fair shot – good luck!

    • stasike

      Thank you for clarification.

      I did manage to locate an internet cafe with a pricelist that wasn’t outrageous and computers that looked clean enough (No Linux, I am afraid, but a freshly installed Chrome browser with its “privacy mode” did help) so I wasn’t afraid to log in on ;-) … Only to find out you have extended the deadline until the time I return from holiday!

    • matt

      Did the game over? If it’s. Where is the result?

    • Sérgio Campos

      I’m so happy I won! I can’t wait to receive the prize and try it. Thank you!

    • stasike

      Congratulation Sergio.

      Come and have a look at the – the best discussion forum about ebook reading devices out there. It is also a great resource for PocketBook owners.