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Issue with disc on Linux User & Developer 141

Posted by Gavin Thomas

Summary: Linux Mint 17 – the live-booting distro on the disc for 141 – does not install properly. Please download a newer version of the ISO from the Linux Mint website.

We’re unhappy to report that the disc bundled free with Linux User & Developer 141 has an error on it that will not allow Linux Mint 17 to install properly. Right on the final stages of the installation process using Ubiquity, the installer will throw up a dialogue box saying it’s crashed.

We’ve tracked the fault down to a couple of things but whatever they are it doesn’t excuse that we didn’t properly test the disc before it went to print. For that we’re very sorry and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. We’re quite annoyed ourselves as it was an integral part of our ‘Switch to Linux’ feature.

The rest of the disc is fine though so don’t throw it away just yet! The other distro ISOs are easily accessible, as well as the packages and tutorial files.

If you want to follow along to the Switch to Linux guide in the issue then download the Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon ISO from the Mint website (this means you can also get a 64-bit version as well if you have a newer PC). We’re assuming you’re going from Windows, in which case we recommend using Free ISO Burner to get it onto a blank DVD. You can also try using UNetbootin to put it onto a USB stick but there have been reports that the install might fail via this method as well.

Again, we’re very sorry about all this and we’ll endeavour to make sure each future disc gets the proper checks that it requires.

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    • David Smith

      Well, you’ve completely bricked my laptop. Grub not functioning (goes to useless grub rescue) so I can’t even boot to the windows partition.
      Shall I send you a bill for all the work I’m going to have to do to fix it?
      Did you not test one of these disks before sending it out? Rank amateur behaviour.

      I love Linux Mint and was looking forward to 17, but now I’ve got loads of work to do sorting out your mess.

    • RobZwetsloot

      Here you go, information in this link should get GRUB fixed using the live disc:

    • David Smith

      Cheers for the help – appreciated.
      I ended up downloading mint 17 iso from net and repartitioning.
      Currently installing now. Cross fingers….

    • Max Wild

      I have been asked to experiment with a Linux replacement for Windows so my experience trying to load your disk was very disheartening.
      I am now worried that if I load the iso from your site to my usb then that will fail as well so am disinclined to waste more time. I do not have any recordable dvds
      Can I suggest that you include the corrected live boot on a future DVD – please.
      I know that everybody makes mistakes but you must surely realise that this mistake, particularly in support of an Switch to Linux article, makes me believe that Linux is really only suitable for hobbyists.