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Install Ubuntu and contribute to Canonical

by Rob Zwetsloot

Canonical adding a way to financially contribute to different aspects of Ubuntu to help focus development

Ubuntu is a free operating system, free as in speech and free as in beer. And Canonical are keen to reinforce this Richard Stallman ethos as they announce a new way for users to optionally contribute to Canonical before they download the desktop version of Ubuntu.

It’s not just a fixed donation though; there are eight categories you selectively give money in. These are done in such a way to let the Canonical folks know which parts of Ubuntu people want improved, with categories for Unity, performance optimization, hardware support, phone and tablet versions, support of different Ubuntu flavours, and a general tip to Canonical.

Canonical Crowdfunding
A recommended amount is displayed when you get to this page

Obviously you don’t have to make any contributions if you don’t want to – although the page pops up before you can download the ISO, and has a recommended $2 donation to each category already filled in. Next to the big orange contribute button is the link to skip it, but it’s a little in your face.

Either way, with Ubuntu 12.10 coming out shortly, it will be interesting to see what contributions are made, and what they go towards. You can check out the page by selecting Ubuntu Desktop from their download page.

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    • Edward I.

      And just how do we know our contribution really goes to the fund we choose. Who polices cononical and how do we know they just dont use the money as they like.

    • jediafr

      I left Ubuntu when the “Dictator” decided that Unity was the way to go.
      And now he has the guts to send people asking for money for it !

    • Keksus

      “Dictator” need to go back to Africa to rethink where he was going. Mark lost his perspective by moving in London.
      Ubuntu urges to go back to his roots and primal values.

    • syncdram

      Bang! You nailed that one with the Dictator. I left ubuntu for the same reason went back to the roots of Linux by using Vector Linux, Slackware Based. Hold on, let me check something……..Yep #3 on DistroWatch…Hurry Donate to the sinking ship.

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    • ThorX89

      I think this is an excellent idea, and that other distros should follow.

      If someone is to work on a free-for-all product for everyone and that product is to be done professionally, peope (we) should be able to easily contribute to helping them make their ends meet and reward them for what they do.

      It doesn’t have to be either “work for free” or “insist on getting paid for every copy”.

      Still, I think it could be done in a better way. For instance–there could be a textbox where users could type in what they want to contribute to.

      Personally, I’d type in “get rid of Unity” and I might not even be parsimonious about contributing to that goal.