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Humble Indie Bundle coming to Ubuntu

by Rob Zwetsloot

Canonical bringing new functionality to the Ubuntu Software Store by offering games from the Humble Indie Bundle

Canonical have just announced that the Humble Indie Bundle, a service offering packages of Indie Games, has been made available right now on the Ubuntu Software Centre. You’ll be able to download the individual games straight from the Software Centre after buying the bundle on the Humble Indie Bundle website.

You won’t be able to buy the games directly from the store – the bundle is normally sold with charity considerations that would make it impossible. The paid section of the software centre is still somewhat underused, but hopefully this new addition will mean it will be further developed.

For those not in the gaming scene, the Humble Indie Bundle offers a number of Indie PC games for any price you wish to pay. You can then select how much of the money you spent goes towards developers or charities such as Penny Arcade’s Childs Play. Currently on their fifth iteration, the available games include dark puzzle-platformer Limbo, cult favourite Psychonauts, and former mobile sensation Sword and Sworcery.

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    • Bob

      I’d rather have Diablo 3 come to Ubuntu!.

    • ray

      are u kidding me?

      I’ve been playing it on my ubuntu since last month
      check out playonlinux for easy installation just few clicks ;)

    • francesco44

      I should say I am scandalized…both by the imperfection of Ubuntu 12.04….very buggy…very difficult to customized.

      Yourself should also no be very proud of your pretentious Ubuntu revealded edition…
      1-you provide a béta distro
      2-the information on customize your desktop seems erroneous (impossible to find the keyring, the mate-core….etc….a mistake in a letter somewhere?

      Your pal Linux format doesn’t go much better…the pretentious LXF Remix Is full of bugs…unfinished boots…etc…

      It is time to be serious…I will probably switch to Mint and stop buying Linux User & linux format with bugged DVD, pretentious presentations not carefully evaluated…etc

      Best Regards

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