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GNOME development updates to 3.7.2

by Rob Zwetsloot

GNOME Shell is one step closer with 3.8, with 3.7.2 making numerous fixes as development continues

GNOME 3.8 is on its way, and to remind us all of that the next version of the development branch has just been released. GNOME 3.7.2 comes with a long list of updates and new features over 3.7.1, and furthers the agenda that the GNOME Project has set out for the desktop environment.

The changelog for 3.7.2 includes:

Enforce RTL in he for messages that might end up as LTR
Hide notifications when closed button is clicked
Restore Fittsability of summary items in message tray
Save screencasts as recent item
Overview: Resize window captions on content change
Network: Don’t use a global switch for all VPN connections
Show ‘Log out’ in more situations
Fix auto-scroll to bottom in chat notifications

And much more.

GNOME recently announced that they would be removing the fallback/classic mode from 3.8. Will there be enough new features to make this acceptable?

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