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GIMP 2.8 finally released with single window mode

by Rob Zwetsloot

GIMP 2.8 has just been released, bringing with it a load of new features, such as grouped layers, rotatable brushes, and a much sought after single window mode

After a lengthy development process, GIMP 2.8 has finally been seen fit for release. After four years of GIMP 2.6, the 2.7 series of alphas and betas were upgraded to a 2.8 release candidate last month. The new version of GIMP comes with a lot of new features that are bound to please some of the programs more advanced and power users.

Firstly, the headline feature is a single window mode, bringing all the floating tool windows into one unified window. This is an optional addition though, and the original multi-window layout can still be used. There’s also a new way to group layers, useful for when you have a lot of different layers in one working image. Otherwise, you can now rotate brushes, add and edit text much easier, and rules for saving and exporting are better represented in the menu structure.

GIMP 2.8 finally released with single window mode
You can still use the old windowed mode if you wish

You can get the source code for GIMP 2.8 from the GIMP FTP server, with binaries on their way shortly.

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    • Chris Metcalfe

      Am I the only person in the world who liked being able to arrange the floating tool windows to suit my work, instead of the other way around?

      Now, rotating brushes, that’s a cool development!

    • ned flanders

      It took me a long time to get used to the GIMP way that I much prefer it now and I am happy they left the option.
      You hear that FLOSS developers??
      The USER is ALWAYS right.

      Push your own ‘vision’ if you want but dont start screwing with my productivity.

      I NEED better brushes, better control of elements in a large project and a a toolbox that I CAN modify to my liking.

      For newbies, there should be an ‘easy’ mode to not overpower people who are new or just want to do the same 5-10 things (crop, add images,etc)..

      looking forward to it.

    • riot

      How is something as unimportant as single window mode a headline feature? It does nothing? The only thing it does is keeps me from seeing my desktop and other apps behind it. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to have the option, I just don’t get how this feature is that import, much less a headline feature. Maybe you could say a long waited feature, anyhow there is a heck of a lot more to be done to help the Gimp catch up with it’s competitor, and adding a single window mode, and adding an export option to confusing people so they don’t know weather to ‘save’ or ‘export’ is not going to cut it.

    • @riot: to a lot of people, single window mode makes gimp usable, it was the difference between a badly behaved, third class ousy app, to at least a first class desktop app

    • Finalzone

      @Christopher Thomas
      Those people mainly used the Microsoft Windows version of Adobe Photoshop. Mac edition is very similar to Gimp.

    • Jostein

      I’ve been using GIMP sporadically to edit images for some years now. I’m definately not a professional though, and I’ve always been slightly annoyed by how there’s so many different windows. I’ve been telling myself that “this is better than having a single window, just get used to it”, but I’ve never gotten 100% used to it.

      For instance, it’s not immediately obvious which window is the main application window and which is just a tool window, and if I open multiple images in GIMP at once, they tend to clutter up the entire screen and I have to manually rearrange each one before I can start actually editing the images. I’m sure many people find multiple windows useful, but I don’t think it’s what the average person needs.

      I have tried Adobe Photoshop only on a couple of occations and it’s been several years since I last used Windows as my main OS, so I wouldn’t say I’m used to the way it’s done there.

      For me as an amateur, the single window mode is definately a big thing. I look forward to trying it out!

    • I prefer single window mode, as long as you can move panels around and tile them so that one tool never gets hidden behind another where you can’t find it again quickly.

      Different tools are better/worse at this. How does the new GIMP pan out?

    • Flyer

      How about proper CMYK support? P*******p has always had it and it’s a major barrier to professional users, especially in the printing industry, to not have it.

    • Riot

      @Christopher Thomas: making it single window does not change it from a “badly behaved, third class (l)ousy app, to at least a first class desktop app”. You are greatly exaggerating. All it does it take the multiple windows (usually 3) and puts them in side another window. So now instead of looking at 3 windows you are looking at 4, and one of them is so big it takes up the whole screen and it has the other three window inside of it. How does that help any. The forth window is useless.. Now if you prefer this option that is great that you know have this option available. But bottom line is it’s nothing more then a little makeup that change how the app looks. Nowhere near a “headline feature” which was my point. There are lots of changes being made, and being able to have a useless window is not a “headline feature” That’s why it not enable by default.

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    • Dejan

      Customisation is the key for app success.
      No single window mode option – no gimp on my box…
      I would call that option a requirement.
      But lets talk about that horrible gradient editing interface…