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Get started using the GPIO pins in RasPi issue 2!

by Rob Zwetsloot

Ever wondered how you can actually use the GPIO pins on the Pi? We explain exactly what they are and how to use them…

One of the things you may have noticed about the Raspberry Pi Model B+ is an increase in GPIO ports. These pins lining the side of the Raspberry Pi may be mysterious to some but they open up a world of physical interactions with the Raspberry Pi that you couldn’t do before.

Learn how to use the GPIO ports in RasPi 2
Learn how to use the GPIO ports in RasPi 2

They’re also quite simple to use. Get yourself a breadboard and some components and with a little help from our GPIO pins tutorial in RasPi mag issue two you can start coding physical objects today. In the mag we show you how to turn on an LED light and how to then control its brightness.

RasPi mag issue two is available right now from the iTunes Newsstand.

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    • James Anderson

      I just bought a Rapberry Pi+ and installed Raspberrian. I would like to buy and download a copy of the magazine, but I can’t because it requires iTunes (which will not install with wine) and I run Linux. Shame on you, a Linux magazine, shame!