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Get Android on your Raspberry Pi

by Rob Zwetsloot

We explore the many ways to use Android on Raspberry Pi in the latest issue of Linux User & Developer

Since the Raspberry Pi foundation has released the VideoCore drivers for the RPi, it’s been much easier for some specific projects to create ports and applications for the Raspberry Pi, some of them outside Linux. One of the benefactors of this release are the folks at Razdroid who are porting Android to the Raspberry Pi.

In Linux User & Developer 120, we look at the different ways you could use an Android powered Pi. From Smart TVs, home automation and even in-car computers, there’s a lot of variety in the uses that such an Android device has. Take MOGA and OnLive, two separate Android gaming projects, the first a Bluetooth enabled game controller, and the second a streaming service where games are rendered in the cloud. Coupled with Android on Raspberry Pi hooked up to your TV, you can play full PC games for less than the full price of one.

Get Android on your Raspberry Pi

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    • This is mighty misleading isn’t it?
      I’m from the razdroid team that is actively working on porting android with acceleration to the rpi
      And this is not at all possible with the current level of development at this moment in time.

    • Carling

      I got all excited reading that headline Thanks for the warning,

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    • George

      The Raspberry Pi foundation HASN’T released the VideoCore drivers for the RPi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      where did you find a stable rpi version of android …….????

    • Garry

      Bought the mag, from what I’ve read above from aaa801 this is false advertising.

      I’ve read the article on raspberry pi and Android, thinking great lets pop over to the and get started. This links you to this wiki page , which warns you that all the images for download are either Boots, very slow, barely usable, Boots, unusable and Boots, very fast with hardware acceleration, lacks AudioFlinger support(this is the broardcom version).

      So why is the mag claiming everthing works great. Bought the mag based on thge front cover. Looks like I was misled.

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    • Neems

      I hardly ever comment on blogs but felt compelled to seek out somewhere to complain. I really can’t quite believe this issue. To state that you can do all of this with razdroid is very misleading and in fact not feasible due to the state of the razdroid port. Hats off to that team for embarking on this project but the magazine states all this stuff – carputer, smart TV etc. which is way beyond what is really possible. To put this on the front cover! I bought the mag specifically for this article only to find the recommended build is stated as ‘barely usable’ on the wiki and the same version I tried some months back.. Unusable! A waste of my time and money. I very much doubt I will buy the magazine again as I feel I can no longer trust the content. I’m very disappointed. I would like to see a video of all of this working at the Linux user HQ. I won’t be holding my breath… Thanks for the previous issues, but I’m afraid it is goodbye…

    • Barcode

      I also purchased your mag for the featured front page content . But i guess that “Install Android on you Rpi” is a whole differant game to “Install a Stable/Useable/Workable Android Os on your Rpi” . I was dissapointed as im sure the younger audience the Rpi is meant to court and encourage will be if they mistakenly purchase it. Credit to the team developing Razdroid but shame on LinuUser for jumping the gun.