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Fuduntu’s development to end

by Rob Zwetsloot

The serious distro with a punny name, Fuduntu, will end-of-lifed after the next update as team moves on to other projects

Filling a gap in the market that on hindsight seems fairly obvious, Fuduntu was a community loved distro bringing Fedora technology and making it as accessible as Ubuntu. The team did this with the help of GNOME and GTK 2, and the two versions released this year have been highly received already. However, the project is going to come to an end before the year is out.

Due to Linux apps moving on to GTK 3, this means support for GTK 2 is becoming less of a priority, and many bugs remain in some packages. This and the move to systemd by most of the community is beginning to cripple Fuduntu, and the team say they do not have the resources to fix this.

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“Beginning today, no new features will be implemented.” explained the announcement blog. “The only exception are those features which are already being worked on. We will continue to provide bug and security fixes until the last day of support, however. 2013.3 will be the last release and September 30 will be the last official day of Fuduntu Linux.”

When Fuduntu leaves, what will fill its place?

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