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Firefox OS Video Demo Released

by Rob Zwetsloot

Firefox OS is put through its paces in this video showing off browsing the web and photos, as well as phone functionality and other features

Mozilla has released a video of the latest build of Firefox OS, the HTML 5 based mobile OS that used to be called Boot 2 Gecko. You can watch below as a test phone running the OS performs some basic and essential smartphone tasks.

YouTube Preview Image

Mozilla have also released a few screenshots to go with the video. There’s currently no release schedule for the source or devices running it.

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    • jim

      There was a time when we needed more operating systems. But
      now it seems that’s the LAST thing we need. ‘FoxOS’ will not really
      offer much that can’t be had on your iPhone or WindozePhone
      or LinuxPhone, and Android is not going to be displaced. So, what’s
      the POINT of ‘FoxOS’ other than to make things even more difficult
      for software/app designers ?

    • It´s seems to be an excellent OS. Mozilla always offers products of a very high quality. Pictures looks awesome. Hope that this os will be fast and safety.