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Firefox for Android gets major update

by Rob Zwetsloot

The new version of Firefox for Android gets a facelift and many performance enhancements

Firefox for Android has been slightly overlooked by the Android community, with Opera Mini and Chrome making bigger waves than Mozilla’s attempt to port the open-source browser to smartphones. This is about to change though, as Firefox for Android has just received a big update, addressing a lot of people’s concerns over the mobile outing.

Firstly the redesign dispenses with the opening animation, as the side bars no longer exist. This allows for a quick start up to a much smarter looking dialer, with also a new window button reminiscent of Chrome’s new tab button. Rendering web pages is noticeably faster, and pinch to zoom works with zero lag thanks to the way it only re-renders after you’ve finished resizing. There’s also enhanced Flash support, somewhat ironically joining upgrades to the HTML5 capabilities.

You can grab Firefox from Google Play. With the rumours that the excellent Chrome for Android may become the default in 4.1 Jelly Bean though, this may be just too little, too late.

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    • Jimbo99

      It DOES NOT SUPPORT TABLETS and ADBLOCK HAS BEEN REMOVED. And still no UA String setting.

      It isn’t much improved in speed. Hardly noticeable actually. And though flash videos do play they are poorly done as if they are decoded in software.

    • Aldo Nogueira

      Not too little, not too late for millions of ARMv6 devices owners like me. It’s not easy to upgrade to ICS on my device (LG P500) and impossible to change the CPU to ARMv7. Both are requirements of Chrome. I am using Firefox nightly build now. It’s faster than the original browser and synchronizes with the desktop. I like it a lot.

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