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Firefox 15 released for Linux and Android

by Rob Zwetsloot

Firefox 15 has been released, and includes a few updated on both desktop and Android versions, including speed and tablet optimizations.

It’s that time again for Firefox, as the next version of the open-source browser has just been released. Firefox 15 is now available for Linux and Android, and it comes with the usual array of bug fixes and extra features to try and aid your browsing experience.

Firefox 15 for Linux has some new optimizations for speed – with memory usage by add-ons reduced when browsing. Otherwise, there’s now support for compressed textures, which is useful for games, and an improved JavaScript engine and Debugger tool.

Firefox for Android has been tweaked to now better support tablets, including a new look browser and better flash support for Honeycomb devices. There’s also some new general security features across all versions such as Do Not Track, Master Password HTTP Strict Transport Security, and more.

You can get the latest versions of Firefox from the download page or the Google Play store, with updates coming to repositories that support it shortly.

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    • De’MON

      Почему разработчики Linux нехотят создать свой браузер,как Apple – Safari или Microsoft – Internet Explorer ?Вместо того чтоб ставить этот Firefox :( лучше бы тогда уже Google Chrome-ом пользоватся,куда лучше….

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