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Linux User 126 DVD

by Russell Barnes

As the curtain was lifted on the 126th issue of Linux User & Developer it came to our attention that there’s a fault with the DVD supplied with the magazine…

First of all, we’re really sorry that your Linux User issue 126 DVD doesn’t work as intended. We’ve investigated the cause of the fault and are taking steps to ensure that it can’t happen again.

To ensure you can still make the most of the excellent distros, software and tutorial files intended for the issue, though, we’ve set up a direct download to the ISO.

Once downloaded, simply uncompress the Zip and either burn it to a writable DVD or USB stick (4GB or larger) as you would any normal distro. Please refer to page 96 of the magazine if you need any assistance burning an ISO to DVD.

We can’t apologise enough for the mistake and we’re sorry to have inconvenienced you.

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    • Hardeep

      Phew! Thats a relief.

      Pity I wasted a few hours trying to see what was wrong with my linux machine and booting the DVD in various other machines.

      The download is a bit big and remember that there are still hundreds of thousands of people who have a slow download speed or a capped data allowance.

      Maybe you could include this DVD in a future issue as well as the DVD for that issue.

      You could pass the cost onto the people who supplied the duff DVD.