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Debian changes to xfce desktop

by Rob Zwetsloot

Debian drops GNOME as the default desktop in favour of xfce, however this may not be for good

Another day, another chapter in the great GNOME-dissolution epic. This time it involves Debian, the base for a ridiculous number of other distros, finally deciding to switch the GNOME-shell for xfce as the default desktop environment. While like any Linux distro this can easily be changed, it’s an interesting development in the ongoing user backlash towards GNOME’s current direction.

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There are issues with the workflow in GNOME

Developer Joey Hess, who announced this move in a Debian mailing list, mentioned that it was possibly only a temporary move. Evaluation to revert this change will occur from DebConf next August all the way until Debian 8.0 goes through freeze. Specific criteria the team will be looking at is the number of people installing GNOME anyway, the state of support for those with visual impairments and if they feel the interface provides the best experience for both new and veteran users.

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    • Bill

      About fricken time – Finally!

    • JayBee

      Gnome “develops” too quickly, as does KDE. Thus the glitchy, slow then fast etc reports which come from users on varying hardware.

      XFCE is refreshingly slow to develop, thus producing a stability that the two biggies can’t produce.

      I’m hoping Debian (and its plethora of clones, forks and re-worked off-shoots) sticks with XFCE. If users want KDE or Gnome badly enough they can make it happen.

    • forthurst

      Gnome 3 is a truly terrifying experience; despite switching hurriedly to xfce after having installed Wheezy, I’m still having nightmares and suffering from ptsd.

    • Gonzalo Velasco C.

      XFCE is good and mature. Gnome is good, but the changes is facing since 2.3 up to 3.x are too unstable and arguable for a (stable) Debian.
      Don’t blame Debian!
      There are yet other distros using Gnome.