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Cinnamon 2.2 out now, ready for Linux Mint 17

by Rob Zwetsloot

Cinnamon 2.2 releases ahead of Ubuntu 14.04 and in preparation for the Linux Mint version. New version includes many aesthetic and usability updates

When we spoke to clem last year about the future of Linux Mint, he revealed to us that Cinnamon 2.0 would be released with Linux Mint 16 and not use a GNOME backend. The plan was to get the initial release out the door so the team could work on any bugs over the next six months before Ubuntu’s big LTS release and Linux Mint 17.

The settings menu has received visual updates
The settings menu has received visual updates

Cinnamon 2.2 has just been released, and it sees the culmination of this plan. With Ubuntu 14.04 out in only three days, it gives the team a chance to get everything ready for this Ubuntu release and the upcoming Linux Mint 17. The new version of Cinnamon offers many aesthetic and usability upgrades, especially in the settings menu, Screensaver and Power Management and the Hot Corners menu.

Those using Cinnamon will find it being updated in their repos over the next couple of days. To find out more information on the changes, head to clem’s blog on the release.

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    • Hunkah

      LOVE Cinnamon! So happy!

    • blindexecutioner

      I wish these posts were dated.

    • Look on the top right corner: April 14th.

    • Bakhtiyor

      anybody knows how to upgrade from mint 16 to mint 17? thx

    • Kenny

      It hasn’t been released yet, no?

    • Jayfeather787

      Linux Mint is not a rolling release. You have to wipe everything and install from a USB or DVD.

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