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Chromium to be default browser in Ubuntu 13.10?

by Rob Zwetsloot

Canonical are discussing the possibility of replacing Firefox with Chromium in the next version of Ubuntu

Apparently the debate has been going on for a short while now, but Canonical are again opening the discussion on the Ubuntu mailing list whether or Firefox should be replaced with Chromium as the default browser in Ubuntu. The subject came up at the last virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit, however a decision was not made.

Firefox has been the default browser for a very long time
Firefox has been the default browser for a very long time

Speaking on the mailing list, Jason Warner, Ubuntu Desktop Manager explained what he wanted from the discussion: “What is important, and ultimately should be the deciding factor, is the common end user experience. Which browser, in the common case, will be the best for the general end user?”

The choice will not be made lightly, however either way, both browsers will be available to be used in Ubuntu.

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    • Twistedtypo

      After all the remarks about the NSA and specific mention of google in the reports, I’d be inclined to use Firefox regardless. Not to mention Mozilla is putting up quite a front in regards to this whole ordeal. Maybe Google is completely innocent in the matter, but is it really worth the risk? And since Chromium and Chrome are so closely related to Google (in the aspect of storing bookmarks, online integration) it’s just easier for me to stick with Firefox and not worry about the scandal all together. Just my .02 cents. But the good thing is we all have the freedom to choose whatever browser we want regardless of what is installed by default.

    • Perhaps there is some good old spy money coming Ubuntu’s way if they switch the browser over to Chrome.

    • meanpt

      No problem.

      sudo apt-get remove –purge chromium
      sudo apt-get install firefox

      That’s it.

    • Allen

      Who cares which browser you use… If your connection is not encrypted then they just sniff the wire. So which browser best supports encryption? Both are the same…

      Run your favorite and encrypt communications!

    • Gravitaz

      looks like i won’t be upgrading to 13.10 then, multinational corp over open source, seriously!

    • gyg

      I like the sync in chrome better.
      Chrome should be default.

    • Albin

      I use current FF and Chromium side by side in Xubuntu Raring, and both work fine as “user experiences” – which I doubt is the main issue (I’m impressed with Chromium after trouble rendering some sites a few years ago.)

      My understanding is the Chromium project does not send data to Google as Chrome does, and that would attract Ubuntu since it has its own proprietary interests in user data. FF is starting to compete with Ubuntu as a free standing operating system.

    • Eddie G.

      As much as Chromium may prove to be faster that FireFox…I will NOT be using it! I prefer the “familiarity” and safety features of Firefox, I know how to work it, and what to do when it misbehaves, not to mention it’s port of the Mozilla groups efforts which I support 100 percent. Chromium is just a version of Google’s Chrome…and I don’t trust Google all that much! If Canonical DOES replace FF with Chromium…I will be removing it and replaceing it with Firefox!…

    • Antonio Tesillos

      I’ve heard that for over two years and never goes…

    • Personally I don’t see this as a bad thing if it happens. We use both in our office with about 20 desktops running Firefox and probably 10 on Chrome (roughly). The ones running Firefox are that way simply because it’s the default with Ubuntu. The ones running Chrome are all the IT staff and people with a clue. Of course if you believe Google to be evil, well not much to be said there.

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