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Cent OS 6.5 out now

by Rob Zwetsloot

Cent OS catches up with Red Hat, with the community build of the Enterprise distro reaching 6.5, now includes Precision Time Protocol

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is one of the biggest commercial Linux distros, however as a lot of the technology it uses is open source, the community has easy access to it. This has resulted in Cent OS, a favourite distro of ours, that packages these available packages in a distro for everyone. Red Hat 6.5 was recently released, and Cent OS has followed suit with their own 6.5.

Fedora Red Hat RHEL
CentOS is the Community Enterprise OS

CentOS 6.5 includes some of the updates and improvements that came with Red Hat 6.5, as well as adding full support for the Precision Time Protocol. This allows for synchronisation of system clocks throughout a network for precise measurement. OpenSSL, KVM and virtualisation drivers have also been updated.

You can get the latest version of CentOS from the website, and experience some of the power of RHEL today.

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