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Canonical pulls funding on Kubuntu after 7 years

by Rob Zwetsloot

Kubuntu 12.04 will be the last release before becoming community supported

It was revealed yesterday that Canonical will no longer commercially support Kubuntu, the KDE spin-off to Ubuntu. While still an official Ubuntu derivative, Kubuntu will now only receive the community support of other variants such as Edubuntu and Xubuntu after the release of 12.04.

The Kubuntu project was the first major Ubuntu derivative, starting with a KDE based release of 5.04 Hoary Hedgehog. After 7 years though, the distro has not been as popular as it’s big brother:

“This is a rational business decision,” posted Jonathan Riddell, developer on Kubuntu, “Kubuntu has not been a business success after 7 years of trying, and it is unrealistic to expect it to continue to have financial resources put into it.”

Jonathan continued to put out a call for the community to increase their support of the distro.

With Canonical planning to push into the tablet and Smart TV market, as well as their staunch support for Unity across all these platforms, this move does seem like an unfortunate inevitability.

Linux User has reached out to Canonical for comment.

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    • Phil

      A previsible movement… how can you expect some success to Kubuntu with the little love Cannonical always show to KDE? Kubuntu always had a lot of problems and bugs not related to KDE that other kde-friendly distros never had (Mandriva, opensuse.. even Fedora KDE spin!!). I suspect Canonical need all their manpower to try make unity usable at last. Good luck, guys!

      But is funny.. just when linux mint has firm a full time KDE developer and a sponsorship with bluesystem… :D

    • AC

      How is Debian’s KDE support?

    • amir

      I think its great as long KDE 4 is probably the best desktop interface in my opinion, compared to lion, windows 7 and anything else I’ve used and I use all 3 on a regular basis (daily)….

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    • MoltenCPU

      I think it’s a shame Kubuntu isn’t as popular as it’s “big brother”. I’ve had more and more problems with Ubuntu over the time, each new release adding stuff that’s not only bloating the distro but also things I don’t need nor want and are (sometimes) tricky to get rid off. Switching to Kubuntu solved that problem for me.

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    • Jon

      So then lets give gnome 3 users away to linux mint and now give kubuntu users to opensuse..