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Build a Raspberry Pi robot with Linux User issue 132

by Russell Barnes

Anyone can build this Linux-powered robot in the latest issue of Linux User & Developer. Find out how to get started today…

This issue Linux User proves this issue that there’s never been a more exciting time to get into robotics. Until recently even building the most basic robot that moves, sense its environment and reacts to external stimuli cost thousands of pounds to construct. Thanks to devices like the Raspberry Pi, though, it can be done for a mere fraction of that price today. In fact, assuming you’ve already got a Raspberry Pi and have some entry level electronics, it’s unlikely you’ll need to spend more than £100 / $150 to put this month’s 18-page project together yourself.

Jonny Pi is alive!
Jonny Pi is alive!

You’ll find much more than our ambitious Pi-inspired project to keep you busy this month, though. Learn how to protect your network with DansGuardian, get a taste of Beautiful Soup as you master scraping Wikipedia with Python, build your own Google Reader replacement and get your head around version control once and for all with our guide to Linus Torvalds’ eloquently titled Git.

You can buy Linux User 132 in print or digitally, or subscribe and save more than 30% on the retail price.

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    • Nelson Correia

      I bought the magazine however it doesn’t have a list with the components required. Is it possible to get all the names and specifications of the components to build up the robot? Thanks in advance.

    • Robert Bedard

      I purchased this issue digitally. Is it possible to download the code that would have been on the CD somewhere?

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    • Udayantha Warnasuriya

      I have the same problem

    • Nick Mason

      Picked up a copy of the Magazine at the station yesterday as the Pi robot article caught my eye. This morning I realise there should have been a DVD and wasn’t.
      Is there any way to get hold of the Pi robot files, I don’t need the other stuff.

    • Nick Mason

      Also, I wonder how my Pi will cope with being a robot while it continues to process the data from my weather station :0)

      I may just need another Pi.

    • Nick Mason

      I contacted the magazine by email just after my original post and got a reply from the editor a few minutes ago along with a zip file containing the relevant files from the missing DVD.

      Now that’s what I call service.

    • Nick Mason

      There’s a parts list associated with each bit of the article. Take a look at the Build the motor circuit page, it’s two thirds of the way down on the left.

      The suppliers are listed on page 20, outlined in red, along with URLs.

    • Nelson Correia

      would you be able to send the zip file to me?

    • Nick Mason

      Let me have your email and I’ll send you the file.

    • Nelson Correia

      Thanks mate! my email is:

    • Nick Mason

      You got mail

    • Nick Mason

      Anyone else actually building this?

      I have a couple of minor, but irritating, problems so far. I have the motors and the ultrasonic sensors working so I decided it was time to attach the Pi and the pan tilt assembly to the chassis. At this point I realise that my Pi does not have and holes in the PCB to allow mounting. I have a couple of choices, either drill the Pi PCB or buy some edge hold PCB supports.

      My other issue is that I don’t have the clear acrylic plate that the pan tilt assembly is mounted on, see the above picture. It isn’t part of the chassis kit and it didn’t come with the pan tilt assembly. Where did you get the one you used from? I can’t find it on the Dawn Robotics site and it isn’t mentioned in the parts lists in the magazine but if you look carefully at the picture on page 20 you can see it fastened to the servo .

      I am now going to have to source a piece of 3mm acrylic and fabricate one. All part of the fun I suppose and if I wanted easy I’d have bought a Lego Mindstorms.

    • Brian Bowman

      I have got to the point where I too have realized that I don’t have the clear acrylic plate that the pan tilt assembly is mounted on. But I wonder if this an opportunity rather that a problem.
      If the LinuxUser team got together with Dawn Robotics and
      Pimoroni, then Pimoroni could fabricate the missing part and Dawn Robotics
      could sell it with their kits!

      Sounds like a great plain to me, and everyone benefits

    • Robk68

      Can you send me the file as well?

    • Nick Mason

      Files sent.

    • yaron_va

      please also to me

    • Nick Mason

      File sent

    • Stephen Griswold

      There’s a hacker/modder here in the states, who built a “Retro-BBC Micro style” computer, using the RPi as the internal CPU, who might’ve solved that.. Rather than through-holes on the Pi, use corner pieces to hold the board from the corners, but with just a little overhang to hold the board edge. Couldn’t find any plans, and I imagine not everyone has a Laser engraver, but the parts are fairly simple.. Found on a YouTube Video of his podcast, at , timestamp from 06:48 to 07:00, the pieces look like a simple 2.5cm strip and a 2.5cm square cut on an angle, with holes drilled to clamp the corners of the board. Hope this is of some help.

    • Nick Mason

      Thanks Stephen, I enjoyed the video. I sorted the problem in a similar way. I’m using some small foam pads to sit the Pi on that have adhesive on both sides. I did find some PCB edge holders but to be honest the sticky foam pads were easier and quicker.

      I think I need a laser cutter :0)

      So many toys, so little time

    • Stephen Griswold

      I hear you! sometimes, the simplest is easiest. As the Modder himself says, When it can’t be nailed down, There’s always Hot-Glue!

    • kevinblake

      Me too, please… If you really don’t mind –

    • Nick Mason

      File sent.

    • David Tindal

      Me too please. I have lost the DVD, and don’t fancy typing out all the code! Thank you

    • Nick Mason

      File sent.

    • Geir Inge

      How are we supposed to power the PI ? I would like to avoid having a cable to the robot just to power the PI.

    • qwerty69

      I have a battery pack I got in maplin (for next to nothing) that plugs in via USB. All you do is charge the battery then plug in to the pi using a short cable.

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    • IWM Electronics

      Alternative chassis kit for the Raspberry Pi available here

    • IWM Electronics

      Alternative chassis kit for the Raspberry Pi available here

    • IWM Electronics
    • John Andre Gjerde

      Hi Nick, Could you send me the files as well, if you have them? Wanted to buy the print issue but it seems to be out of stock. Have to go for the digital one.
      Thanks :)

    • Nick Mason

      File sent.

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    • thomas

      hi Nick,

      I am just getting into Pi and would appreciate your help and file..

      thanks thomas or

    • Nick Mason

      File sent to both addresses.

    • alison earnshaw

      please could you also send me the file?

    • Nick Mason

      File sent

    • Bill Woody

      I know you have to be tired of sending the file for build-a-raspberry-pi-robot-with-linux … and, I wish I could say something to make you happy about the whole deal but, I am at a loss. Though, I do hope you will send me a copy of the file. Thanks in advance.

    • Nick Mason

      I’m away from home this week but will send the file next week.

    • astrobarn

      The list is too generic. I have been putting this project off for a while but now I picked up the magazine. In page 20 there are red boxes with the parts but it is not specific enough. Is there a list online?

    • Brad Batson

      could i also recieve the file please?
      thank you so much

    • Stephen Griswold

      I don’t have a schematic of the Pi in front of me, but I would imagine you could power the Pi with +5V (still would suggest a 7.2V battery, minimum, through a LM7805 regulator) to the +5V pins (GPIO Pins 2 or 4, according to a pin-out list).. Not sure it would raise any havoc as the Mini-B connector only carries power to the device. But, Do Not take My Advice 100%! Check to make sure!

    • Stephen Griswold

      Nahh.. $35(usd)/piece.. You could never have too many.. (yes, this coming from someone who owns 2 Arduino Duemilinova’s (one Genuine, one clone), 1 genuine UNO, a genuine MEGA2560, and a XRD MEGA2560 Clone.) LOL!

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    • Marlon

      is it possible to forward to me please