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Brendan Eich steps down at Mozilla

Posted by Rob Zwetsloot

Controversial Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich has left his position after concerns over his views on same-sex marriage came back into the public consciousness

Brendan Eich is an important member of the open source community. He invented JavaScript in the 90s, web technology that’s still widely used today. He’s done a lot of work on Firefox that has helped make it one of the best browsers for the last ten years. He also publicly donated a large sum of money to California’s Proposition 8 campaign, a law that banned same-sex marriage in the state of California until recently.

This last part has surfaced before in regards to Eich, and it did again recently when he was appointed CEO of Mozilla. The company prides itself on being open-minded, inclusive and equal, and many employees voiced their concerns over his appointment. OkCupid famously has a message that now pops up whenever you’re using Firefox to browse it alerting you to Eich’s beliefs.

The OkCupid message directed users to Google's Chrome as an alternative
The OkCupid message directed users to Google’s Chrome as an alternative

In a blog today, Mitchell Baker announced that Eich had stepped down from his position: “We didn’t act like you’d expect Mozilla to act. We didn’t move fast enough to engage with people once the controversy started. We’re sorry. We must do better.”

Mozilla has yet to announce who will replace Eich as CEO. Eich himself had been attempting to defend himself over the past week, saying he leaves his personal beliefs at the door. Apparently that’s not good enough for everyone, which has resulted in this action.

We’re interested to see how Mozilla reacts to this over the next few weeks and months. While it is a PR nightmare, that’s not the main issue here and hopefully they address it further.

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    • Tom Schneider

      I guess only homosexual people are allowed to have an opinion anymore! What a shame! This is political correctness run amuck!

    • Hunkah

      Someones personal beliefs shouldn’t be a concern when it comes to competently running a company. Just the same if he was a homosexual/Muslim/Asian. They aren’t a definition of his role or job. If you’re going to judge him based on his personal beliefs, then you are also agreeing that we need to go back to a time when we judge people based on their sexual preferences and the color of their skin. If the LGBT people want equality, they need to express that to everyone else that deserves the exact same treatment. If it was a case where he used his position at Mozilla as a podium to preach his beliefs, then yes, I would agree that he is abusing his role and position within the company and therefore step down.

    • nhanth87

      I will never use firefox. Fuzk you, firefox developer

    • johnsmith500

      Someone please tell me how homosexuals and their supporters are any different from mobs that used to run and lynch blacks or others?
      They are causing people to get fired, step down, resign, fined, charged, business to close down, lose money, resources, …etc.
      This is modern day lynch mob.

      If you want “equality” then you should express yourself and explain your point of view and not force yourself on others.

      I would never use products, services or do business personally or professionally with individual, group or business that engages, supports, or allows such assault on personal freedom, religious freedom, or even personal opinion.

      For people who claim to be tolerant and want equality, the LGBT mafia and their mob are nothing but intolerant and discriminating bigots. Some of their opponents argued that homosexuality is a mental issue and these people need therapy. Such actions give that theory plenty of ground and in fact validate it.

    • Justin

      This makes it difficult for me. I’m a linux user. I use firefox. I do not want to support the homosexual lobby at Mozilla. Must find a new browser.

    • Deanne Cooley

      I have every right to know who is using the money they make from me to furtner deny Americans the equal liberties and justice under the “secular” laws of our country. I have every right to shout such information from the top of every mountian in this country, so that every person being denied liberties and justice and our allies will know who it is and stop providing them with the funds to promote the Christian Taliban’s imposition of Canon Law upon our country.
      Freedom of religion = freedom from religion and religious persicution.