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Arduino Yun, a partial Raspberry Pi competitor, now out

by Rob Zwetsloot

The Arduino Yun is a Linux-powered micro-controller similar to the Arduino Uno, and a possible replacement for a Raspberry Pi in some Arduino systems.

One of the more interesting uses we’ve seen with the Raspberry Pi is to act as like the “brain” of an otherwise Arduino-powered system – even the Rapiro robot uses the Raspberry Pi in a similar. With possible this in mind, the Arduino Yun has been released, sporting a Linux-powered system-on-a-chip that handles wireless and wired network connections so that it’s a bit smarter, and can connect to the internet of things a bit easier.

The Arduino Yun is actually a touch smaller than the Raspberry Pi, and nowhere near as powerful, but for Arduino systems it may be a slightly more streamlined solution than the Raspberry Pi. However, it does cost a little bit more – retailing at $69 (~£43), it’s nearly three times the cost of a model A.

You can find out more about the Arduino Yun from the official blog. You can also buy the Arduino Yun from the Arduino store.

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