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$5 8 GB SD card with NOOBS for Raspberry Pi now available

by Rob Zwetsloot

Easy set-up SD card for novice users now offered with any new Raspberry Pi purchase for $5 on an 8 GB SD card

A couple of months ago, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced NOOBS, the New Out Of Box Software. Designed to make first time set-up much easier for new Linux users, all it requires is for you to unzip some files onto a blank SD card, and then follow the instructions on the Pi. This new software is now available with purchases of Raspberry Pi’s from RS Components and element14.

Raspberry Pi Raspbian
The main interface for NOOBS makes thing easier for some

An extra $5 (£3.25) will bag you an 8 GB SD card with NOOBS already on it – perfect for people just getting started with Pi and Linux. It’s also a decent sized card for a reasonable price, so even if you’re getting a Pi and know your way around it and Linux, it might be worth it for the extra storage if you don’t have a spare SD card.

You can try out NOOBS for yourself from the Raspberry Pi website.

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