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10 simple Raspberry Pi projects that will change your life

by Rob Zwetsloot

The complete media centre, a torrent box, a file server, retro games console, VoIP server and many more projects made easy in the latest issue of Linux User & Developer


We hear about it on the internet all the time, a good portion of you are wondering what it is you exactly want to do with your Raspberry Pi. There’s a lot of potential for many projects with the Pi, but which one is for you? Wonder no more, as we’ve put together a list of the best ten Raspberry Pi projects that can be used in your day to day life.

From practical solutions such as a file server, wireless access point or torrent box, to entertainment applications such as a home theatre PC, portable internet radio and a retro games console. All of them can be completed in an afternoon, and could improve your home set-up.

Also in Linux User & Developer 129, we show you how to build a GUI in Python, how to test the security of your network and look into how open source can affect health care. You can grab Linux User 129 in stores now, and online via the Imagine Shop. You can also grab a digital copy for all major platforms via

Tutorial Files

“Build a GUI with Python” Files

“MongoDB” files

Raspberry Pi Project Files

Voice Control




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    • Nathan Collinge

      On the project “Build a security camera” the link provided for the mjpg-streamer is invalid all i get is a “svn: E170000 URL does not exist”… Is this the correct command?

      svn checkout svn://

    • Rick

      Cool projects, would you ever consider doing any of these ones?

      I know some of them are more advanced (Garage door/Security system) but they are pretty awesome :D

    • James Barclay

      Guess you all got the message that now we can have a hard float Java. If you don’t have it on your Raspberry Pi its: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-jdk. Wahooo!

    • dh

      Nice line-up. In addition to voice control, a Raspberry Pi project “Call Mom Button” is another good starter.

      It’s a Raspberry Pi that automatically calls your mom (or anyone else specified in advance) using Plivo APIs, (sort of like a speed dial that makes an outbound call to any number, when you click on the button for the input.)

      You can learn more about the project