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Linux User & Developer 115 is out now!

by Rob Zwetsloot

Find out what’s happening in the latest edition of Linux User & Developer magazine. Buy it in all good newsagents or online. Regular readers can subscribe and save 30% on the retail price and – good news – you can now grab Linux User on Android courtesy of Zinio!


openSUSE 12.2 Revealed
The most advanced office desktop in the world

The making of Raspberry Pi
Eben Upton and David Braben reveal all

Recycle your computer
10 amazing ways to breathe new life into legacy hardware

Take control of your Android
Use simple scripts to manipulate your Android smartphone or tablet

Roll your own Chromium OS
Create your own version of Google’s netbook OS, complete with Aura

Also inside
– Develop for Raspberry Pi
– Build a file and print server
– A report from the Open Government Summit
– Reviews for Fedora 17, Mageia 2, and Linux Mint 13

…and much more!

Linux User & Developer 115 is out now!

Linux User is now available for Android via Zinio!

Linux User and our sister mags are all available via Great Digital Mags!

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    • mishmich

      hi, I moved to NZ a couple of years ago, and occasionally pick up this mag in shops here or on visits to UK. The tutorial in issue 115 on building a file & print server was great. I decided to go for a second-hand atom-itx-based PC to build this, as the problem I could see with an old netbook/laptop is that you are limited to external USB drives, rather than an internal SATA/RAID option, or SATA/RAID external array. Also, I needed something for fiddling with a few other things.

      The tutorial seems to miss a step between step 10 & 11.

      sudo apt-get install nfs-common

      While the server is covered, it is necessary to do this to access the share on the client.

      The other problem is that the text in the tutorial terminal screenshots is too small for me to read easily.

      But thanks, I have been putting off this project because of the cost of running an old PC all the time – and gave me the idea of using a cheap 1-2 year-old dual-core atom mini-PC.