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Issue 82 of Linux User & Developer is out now!

by Russell Barnes

Issue 82 of Linux User & Developer is on sale now! This month you can learn how to master Cloud Computing, create apps for the Palm Pre and develop with Moblin among other things. We also speak exclusively to Linux Driver Project Head Greg Kroah-Hartman…

Issue 82 of Linux User & Developer is on sale now!

Linux User 82

Master Cloud Computing
Why the future of the cloud is open source

Create apps for Palm Pre
Build an RSS reader for the latest mobile platform

Exclusive interview
Linux veteran and Linux Driver Project Head Greg Kroah-Hartman tells us all about his work.
“Right now I’m just having a hard time finding devices to writes drivers for: everything seems to ‘just work’ with Linux these days…”

Develop with Moblin
Set up server virtualisation
How to create a multi-boot system
Create your own cloud computing environment
Use Xen to create virtual servers on your Linux box
Understanding I/O and subsystems in a Linux system

And much more!
Buy it today in all good news agents or subscribe online via the Imagine Shop and save 30%

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    • Chris


      I’m interested in advertising software engineer/dev jobs on your site. Please contact me when you get a chance.


    • Garry

      This is the first time I have bought a different Linux mag. The magazine seems pretty good, let down by it’s DVD. I really fancied trying ‘Sabayon 5′ only to be told by K3b that it is an invalid file size (137mb), so that put an end to that.

    • Garry

      Just tried the other two ‘iso’s’ on the disc, and they don’t work either!

    • Mike

      I bought issue 82 and the iso images are faulty,i contacted the publisher
      by phone on the 10th of december to report fault,the lady toook my details and said they would send a replacemet disc.Its now the 21st still no sign of replacement disc.

    • me

      Faults with Issue 82, Slax 6.1.2 (just an icon) & Opera 10 (empty folder) not on disc.

    • Barry Roe

      As the other comments re the DVD with issue 82, I to have found the disc faulty and would like to know how to have the disc replaced or a refund of the magazine purchase price. I await the reply with interest.

    • RussellBarnes

      Hi guys,
      I’ve just started helping out with the magazine and have also noticed the problem with the disc on issue 82 of Linux User & Developer.

      We’re really sorry for the technical problem – we’re looking into the issue and investigating quite what went wrong. We’ve already spoken to many of you personally to rectify the situation, but would ultimately like to let you know that we really appreciate your feedback and are hard at work to get to the bottom of it so it can’t happen again.

      Looking forward to hearing more from all of you on in the future.

      Kind Regards

      Russell Barnes
      Imagine Publishing

    • Dave

      Shame about the DVD – I was looking forward to trying Slax. Any chance you could put a link to the iso images on the web site? Also will you be sending replacement discs out – if so, how do we get in touch about where to send it?…

    • Dave

      Never mind about the link to the iso. I think my laziness is getting worse – typing the word “slax” into google really took it out of me…

      It’s getting late – forgive my slow thinking :o)

    • NA Bryk

      I just bought your mag., issue #82 ( CDN $19.75+tax ) and was looking forward to trying these distros and software on this dvd. I was very disappointed that none of the distro worked. This is the first time I,ve bought a mag. that had this problem and may never buy tihs mag. again.

    • Stephen Rimington

      Same as above faulty disc
      slax file 0 file size

      please get in contact with me at my email address

    • Martin Scharnke

      I have the same issue … the mag takes a bit longer to be available to buy in Australia. Disappointing. Are replacement DVDs being provided?
      If so, how?
      If not, why not?

    • Steven

      Cheap DVDs == another burnt user.
      Good work management.