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Ubuntu Touch – The Mark Shuttleworth Interview

by Rob Zwetsloot

We interview Mark Shuttleworth about Ubuntu on Phones, Ubuntu for tablets, phone to tablet docks, and a universal ecosystem, all in Linux User & Developer 124

“Yeah, we had such amazing reception. It was an awesome show. We have a partner on board and a lot of carrier interest. I think it’s going to fly” began Mark Shuttleworth, founder and former CEO of Canonical, about Canonical’s experience at CES. After announcing the phone at the beginning of the year, Canonical has been pushing their new mobile OS hard, and released development previews of it just the other week.

In an exclusive interview with the enigmatic entrepreneur, Linux User talked to Shuttleworth about the development of Ubuntu Touch. There are some interesting revelations in the interview, such as the concept of having one binary across all types of Ubuntu, and the possibility of phone and tablet docks in the future, much like the Asus PadFone.

The full interview can be found in Linux User & Developer 124, on sale today, along with features on building your own cloud, creating a virtual RasPi keyboard, and an interview with Mozilla about Firefox OS. You can buy issue 124 in stores, on the Imagine Shop, or digitally via

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