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by Rob Zwetsloot
Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s an inexpensive single-board microcomputer powered by a system-on-a-chip! There’s a lot of them though!
GNOME Network
by Rob Zwetsloot
Fundamental utilities and long-time favourites all go head-to-head as we pick the network manager that offers the complete package
by Rob Zwetsloot
Aid development for and generally test out Canonical’s own phone and tablet OS using the Ubuntu Touch emulator
Make the jump to Linux
by Rob Zwetsloot
Switch from Windows XP to a Linux distro with our complete guide and you’ll never look back
The board is powered by Nvidia tech
by Rob Zwetsloot
With five Cortex-A15 processor cores, a customised Ubuntu operating system and 192 CUDA GPU cores, is the Jetson TK1 the SBC of the future?
The Linux Foundation
by Gavin Thomas
Groundbreaking program provides virtual examination and accreditation for Linux Foundation Certified System Administrators and Engineers
by Rob Zwetsloot
Sort through your hard drive, find lost files and archive old stuff far quicker than you could through your GUI file manager
In case you weren't aware you're on the Raspberry Pi, the logo tips you off
by Rob Zwetsloot
The operating system that helps to power a Raspberry Pi – but what exactly is a Raspbian and what makes it Linux?
uGetisactuallyveryfull-featured,withalotofthekindoffunctions that advanced torrent clients use
by Rob Zwetsloot
Improve and better manage your web downloads for mirroring, mass grabs or just better control over your files
by Rob Zwetsloot
The beta release of third elementary OS out now and is recommended mainly for developers and testers. It includes updates to drivers and the Linux kernel along with GTK 3.12
Part of the properties you can set is the type of encryption being used, along with any special values that are needed, like passphrases
by Rob Zwetsloot
Wicd is a flexible alternative to NetworkManager, complete with interfaces for GTK, KDE, curses and the command line. Use it to get your wireless network up and running
Some remote access, with a URL through DynDNS, as well as Cloud backups through, are a free bonus
by Rob Zwetsloot
The simple install that will give your office network a complete Windows-compatible server